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Textile Tour.

Textile Tour will introduce to such places where you will get to witness how the art of dyeing, spinning and weaving is done. You will also get to interact with them and exchange knowledge and idea. Bhutanese textiles are available everywhere in Bhutan. Try one …we are sure you will like it..

Bhutan Textile Tours explores the Bhutanese art, culture and livelihood expressed through the art of weaving, crafting, sculpture and painting that are most dominant and dynamic industry in Bhutan.

Weaving has been there and continue to be a part of Bhutanese daily life. These are one of the highest form of Bhutanese art and a hobby to Bhutanese weaver. Clothing and textiles is an expression of individual’s creativity, and the most sophisticated concepts and manual skills. Almost everything that we see every day is a work of an art. The weaving is an integral part of culture and traditions in Bhutan. Weaving in Bhutan is done in weaving loom. This handloom fabric are made into many useful product such as clothes, bags, bed sheet, and many more.

Weaving has become most advanced and sophisticated culture in the world of civilization. Not only Bhutanese but outsiders are also attracted to Bhutanese rich, vibrant and colorful textiles. Every Bhutanese household are connected to weavers practiced since their ancestors. Weavers are making significant contribution to the labor force and economy to their household.

The weavers from Khoma village in Lhuentse, Eastern Bhutan is famous for its multicolored silk patterning kira (for women) known as Kishuthara while the weavers from Bumthang, central Bhutan for its Yathra made out of wool. With the aim of preservation and promotion of this rich culture and Traditions, Royal Textile Academy (RTA) was initiated under the personage of Queen mother Ashi Sangay Choden Wangchuk in May 2005. It is a non- profit organization. Today it draws a keen learner from across Bhutan. The organization is a platform to showcase their skills and creativity related to design, pattern and color combination. It not only gives training to beginners but also displays an extensive collections of textiles to visitors. This organization is for an individual with common interest and to promote good fellowship among membership.

Textile tour in Bhutan.
Textile tour.


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