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Special Tour

Bhutan has many activities available included in special tour for those visitors seeking a place of solace, rest or simply explore nature or its culture. Whether it’s a session of peaceful, contemplative meditation, a relaxing soak in a mineral hot spring bath or the all natural remedies of our traditional medicine Bhutan has just what you need to revive and rejuvenate your body and spirit.

The Bhutan Botanical Tours will visit some of the prime botanical sites in Bhutan Himalayas, a source of many of the highly prized plants introduced to horticulture. Bhutan is a very diverse Land with various species of plants and animals making it a perfect destination for those interested in botany. During the past, one of the many names by which Bhutan was called is “Lho Mien”, Land of medicinal herbs as there was plenty of these medicinal herbs found. Besides these herbs, there are various plants, flowers and trees found in different zones of the country.

Duration: 16 days.

Price: $2000

Botanical tour.
Textile tour.

Textile Tours

Textile Tour will introduce to such places where you will get to witness how the art of dyeing, spinning and weaving is done. You will also get to interact with them and exchange knowledge and idea. Bhutanese textiles are available everywhere in Bhutan. Try one …we are sure you will like it..


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