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Festival Tour

The festival (tshechu) tour will allow you to witness mask dances in various temples, monasteries and dzongs throughout the country.

Tshechu is a religious event. It is celebrated on tenth day of a month of the lunar calendar, corresponding to the birthday of Guru Rinpoche. However, the exact month varies from place to place and temple to temple. 

Bhutanese believe that everyone must witness mask dances at least, once, in order to receive blessings besides washing away sins. Every mask dance performed during a tshechu has a special meaning, or a story behind it. Many are based on stories and incidents from as long ago as the eighth century, during the life of Guru Rinpoche. In monasteries, the mask dances are performed by monks. In remote villages, they are performed jointly by monks and village men. 

Two of the most popular tshechus in the country are the Paro and Thimphu tshechus in terms of participation and audience. 

In the early spring, we attend Punakha Tshechu and Punakha Dromchoe. Bit later into main spring, we attend Talo village festival, along with the famous Paro festival. In the autumn,  you’ll see three festivals of  Wangdiphodrang, Gangtey and Thimphu.

These festival periods are extremely popular. Therefore, the flights and hotels tend to get booked out soon. So, plan and book early, if you wish to join this exciting tour with small group travelers like you from around the world.

Tshechu festival.
Mask dance festival tour in Bhutan.
Bhutan tshechu festival.


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