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Cultural Tour.

Explore the magical Bhutan, enjoy the beautiful views, panoramic mountains, and experience the most memorable trip of your life with our cultural tour package.

5 Days Cultural Tour

This is a short tour and you will visit some of the prominent places in Bhutan. This package includes cultural sightseeing around Thimphu, Paro, and Punakha. You can see beautiful snow-capped Mountains around.

Duration: 5 days.

Price: $2000

5 Days Cultural Tour
8 days Bhutan tour.

8 Days Bhutan Tour

This cultural tour explores diverse environment of Bhutan’s western valleys as well as their cultural heritage. 

Duration: 8 days.

Price: $2000

9 Days Cultural Tour

The tour includes cultural sightseeing in three of the major western districts and nature hike to Phajodhing with a night camping. If luck favors, the star gazing experience at night during clear sky from Phajodhing is priceless.

Duration: 9 days.

Price: $2000

Trip to Bhutan.

10 Days Cultural Tour

Explore Bhutan’s central valleys, rich with ancient historical and sacred Buddhist sites.
Discover some of the most sacred Buddhist monasteries and temples in the Himalaya…

Duration: 10 days.

Price: $2000

15 Days Bhutan Tour

Walk through pristine alpine forests and over high mountain passes.
Hike to magnificent dzongs and monasteries. Additionally meet with Buddhist monks, highlanders and farmers. Visit the legendary Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest).
Experience Bhutan’s thriving Buddhist culture.

Duration: 15 days.

Price: $2000

Tour to Bhutan.
Bumthang cultural trek.

Bumthang Cultural Trek

Bhutan has both natural beauty and cultural wealth preserved, and are passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, visitors are not surprised to hear its nickname ‘Kingdom of Happiness’.

Come visit Bhutan with us and explore one of the most unique and extraordinary countries in the world.

Duration: 6 days.

Price: $2000


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